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4Ship always offer deals and sales to her customers and today 4Ship present two special offers from big brands: GAP and Polo

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special offer jeans English version

5 Fashionable Jeans you must consider buying

Everyone loves Jeans! and jeans are the best choice for almost every time. So we are going to present 5 fashionable jeans each one of them has a unique style.

Let’s start by brief introduction

Jeans were invented by Jacob W. Davis in 1871 and it developed to skinny, slim fit, boot cut …. etc.

So we are going to present fashionable and stylish jeans for those who seek to be special and extraordinary

1. Blue Jeans with hole

Blue Hole Jeans

15.38 $

61.83 $

Classic style but yet the hole adds more carefree and enjoyable personality.

2. Side Touch Effect

Blue Jeans with red line


11.66 $

24.55 $

The red line on the side in the blue jeans make it very seductive with a slight of stretch so you can squat freely. You will not get bored from this jeans.

3. The Aggressive black

Black Jeans with hole

12.12 $

57.33 $

The black Korean style with an extra touch on the knees. This is the fashion era.

4. Blue Classic Jeans

20.04 $

38.69 $

The perfect choice for a classic personality and at the same time will add more confident and fashion feeling to your look.

5. Casual Style

casual style



For those who seek freedom and casual style. This is the right fit for you don’t miss it.

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Date of Chinese Black Friday is approaching

All over the world, there are many different festivals, depending on the country and its people’s religion, since every country has its own special festivals, and one of the best of these festivals is the China festival on 11 November every year, this day is called “singles festival.” The singles in the country consider this day as their own day, and the day of their relaxation and a great chance to find a suitable one to marry.

Additional address fees have been canceled

Always we try to reduce our service fees to make it easier for our customers and for all shoppers around the world that does online shopping . To make online shopping fun and the lowest prices , so now we cancel the fees for any New address in by mailing list, Now you can add free addresses without border.

Methods of savings in the value of your purchases Shipping

1- Vacuum Bag
2- Removal of cargo boxes and boxes Products
3- Collect your purchases
4- Compare Shipping Rates