Frequently Asked Questions which are asked by our clients are answered here . The FAQs sections are updated regularly .

If you could not find an answer to your question here , contact us and we will be more than happy to serve you .

Can I return the shipment to the sender in case of a problem ?

Yes , you can by signing in to your account on 4Ship and selecting “return the shipment”. Return fees are shipping costs + 5$ .

Can I add a product to my shipment after a packaging request ?

You can add a product to your shipment after a packaging request . If the request for packaging was completed before you ask for addition to the shipment then a fee of 5$ will be incurred. Moreover, if the packaging process did not start yet then you will not be charged anything .

Can I receive a shipment which is not signed up in my name ?

No , all shipments should be in your name for you to receive them .

Can I upgrade my account from basic to premium ?

Yes , you can do it by signing in to your account and asking for an upgrade by contacting us .

Can I ask for magazines ?

No , this type of product is banned and prohibited . Click here for more about this matter.

What is insurance and how may I benefit from it ?

Insurance is an amount of money paid to compensate you for your products in cases of loss or damage during shipping . It is presented by the shipping company . 4ship liability ends as soon as the shipment is delivered to the shipping company .

How long it will take the shipment to get to my city ?

When you choose fast shipping , it will take 3 to 5 workdays . On the other hand , in case you choose economical shipping , it will approximately take about 7 to 10 workdays .

How is the weight calculated ?

Weight is calculated by the international shipping companies according to the weight or size (length x width x height) whichever is bigger . To know your shipment weight click here .

I could not complete purchase procedures by myself, can you help me ?

Yes , gladly . You can select the service of assisted purchase by 4Ship and we will buy everything you want on your behalf .

Does the shipping fees include customs or taxes ?

No it does not include customs or taxes which are charged by the customs in your country , but most personal shipments will not be charged any customs fees .

What is the mass weight ?

The mass weight is a method used by international shipping corporations to calculate weight by length , width and height .

How the order is delivered ?

The order is delivered right to your house .

What is the service of shipment collection ?

The service of shipment collection is to open all the purchases and gather them around in one box in the minimum possible way , and proper packaging and placing airbags inside the box to make sure it is delivered to you properly and safely .

I have ordered a prohibited product what shall I do ?

Login to your account in 4Ship , you can request to return the shipment to the seller within 10 work-days or you can ask for it to be destroyed .

My purchases were delivered to 4Ship storehouses but they were not listed in my page what shall I do ?

If the duration of its delivery exceeds 3 hours on a workday , you should inform us so that we can look for it . Sometimes the client’s ID is not registered on the shipment. In other words, we cannot manage to know whose this shipment is . All the shipments delivered on Saturday or Sunday are listed on the website on Monday .

I want to buy from a Chinese website but I could not communicate with the seller because he speaks Chinese can I get some
help from assisted purchase service ?

Yes , we are glad to help as we are able of contacting sellers in Chinese English and Arabic .