Assisted Purchase

In case you face some difficulties while purchasing , such as credit card rejection on a website or difficulties in communicating with the seller because of the different languages, and you as a client are worried about the completion of the purchase , that is when you ought to order the Assisted Purchase Gig ! We will make the purchase on your behalf and store the purchased item in our stores as soon as it reaches us . The fees of this service are 5$ + 3% of the total purchase payment .

My office

Are you thinking about taking your trade to the next level by importing from USA or China ? Choose My Office Gig and save yourself the trouble of traveling to purchase your goods . Instead , why do not you let us buy it on your behalf ? We offer various services ranging from studying the products we ought to import to how they reach you .

My store

Would you like an online store ? Do you already have an online store and you want to increase its profit ? Then My Store Gig is just the right service for you as it enables you to buy and sell products without putting too much time or effort with minimum expenses . All of that is going to be done automatically by linking your website to ours . The benefits of My Store service starts when you select a product for us to purchase , which we then send to one of our storehouses in China  or KSA . After that , we present it in your website so that when one of your clients purchases it , we automatically receive a list of purchases and then we prepare the product , package it , and ship it to the customer and much more similar services .

  • Storing your purchases

    When you have several purchases , you can store them at 4Ship for up to 60 days free .

  • Shipment insurance

     Keep your mind at ease by insuring your shipments for loss or damage with a 2% percent of the value of your purchases .

  • Shipment collection

    We gather your purchases in one shipment , which will save up to 85% of the shipment cost . The fees of this service depend on the type of your subscription .

  • Inspection and Imaging

    When your purchases are delivered , we inspect , photograph and post these to your page for free .

  • Our storehouse staff are ready to help you

    You can contact our storehouse staff to inquire and order anything related to your purchases such as more photos to be taken or trying any of the electric appliances and much more . The service fees depend on the type of your subscription .

  • Your box address will be ready for use at all times

    You will be informed about your box address at 4Ship when registering for free . The box remain empty for your use at any time without any need for other procedures .

  • Shipping priorities

    When in a hurry to have the shipment prepared and delivered ASAP , you can request shipping priority , so that we can speed up forwarding your order and getting it ready as soon as possible! The fees of this service depend on the type of your subscription .