Restricted & Prohibited Items

Restricted & Prohibited Items are mentioned are examples and are not the only ones which are banned . In order to know the procedures taken in case we receive any of the banned or prohibited items , click here , and then find the articles for Restricted & Prohibited Items .

Dangerous items

Fireworks | chemicals | explosives | air cushions | batteries .

Biological risks

Food that may rot | human litter | dead or living creatures | poisonous materials .

Espionage gadgets

All GPS location tracking devices | monitoring appliances | hidden espionage recorders | hidden espionage cameras .


All kind of Alcohol | marijuana | all sorts of drugs .


All sorts of weapons or their parts | Tasers| swords | toys that are in the same shape of weapons | pepper spray .

Flammable materials

Manicure | hair spray | electronic cigarettes with, or without tobacco | Perfumes must be less than 125 ml so that they can be shipped internationally and only through DHL and it may be delivered late .


Fertility drugs even if prescribed | all sorts of stimulants| vitamins | some energy drinks | drugs should be accompanied with proper documentation required for international shipping .

Inappropriate products

Pornographic photographs or videos | sex toys and tools | Items that violate the country regulations or customs | Items that violate the Islamic Sharia .

Currencies and documents

Coins | checks | IDs | all sorts of official papers | all types of magazines .