User agreement is the contract between our clients and us . By using our website (4ship) you agree to the following terms and policies. We may change the terms of user agreement from time to time without notification . Continuing to use our services after any changes to the user agreement terms means that you agree to the changes .

Account Requirements

  1. You must be 18 years or older .
  2. You are responsible for keeping your account safe and secure . 4ship will not be held responsible for any loss or harm resulting from the violation of this security commitment .
  3. 4ship offers various options for subscription that fit the needs of all clients. To find out about the types of subscriptions, click here . Bear in mind that account prices and subscription privileges may change without prior notification or knowledge. It is also possible to upgrade your account from basic to premium at any time by logging onto your account .


  1. You can pay at any time. Any money we receive is transferred to your balance immediately after we receive it .
  2. When you request any of our services, the costs will be deducted from your balance whenever it is executed . If the available balance is not sufficient, the request will not be executed .
  3. Fees for the services that are executed correctly may not be refunded, except through our assessment .
  4. We may change the prices of our services without prior notification .
  5. You may retrieve your money from your balance at any time you request . The money will be returned the way it fits 4ship .


  1. After you complete your subscription, you will be assigned addresses in China and America . Each address is made of two addresses: (address 1) and (address 2) where (address 1) is 4ship address and (address 2) is your (private box) address that we use to identify that the product is yours . You should use the two full addresses when you send .
  2. Our services and responsibilities begin when your shipments arrive to our warehouse at the address defined in your account . All shipments that do not reach our warehouse for any reason are the responsibility of the salesperson. 4ship may not be held accountable for any shipments that do not arrive to our warehouses .
  3. Most of the shipments are registered within three hours of their arrival to us during workdays . All shipments that arrive on Saturdays or Sundays are registered on Mondays . In case a shipment that belongs to the client arrives, and is not registered in his account, then the client must immediately inform 4ship within ten days starting from the date of arrival, so that the search for the shipment may start . In case the client does not make the request within ten days starting from the date of arrival, the request will be automatically rejected .
  4. Upon arrival, the shipment is opened, in order to check the safety of the purchases, and the absence of banned material without breaking the seal of the company, if present, except by the permission of the client . A single photo of the shipment is taken automatically and is attached to the clients account for free . If more demonstrative photos of the details of the purchases were required, extra charges would be incurred of 1$ fee. In case you want to return the shipment to the sender for any reason (damage – production error) you will be pay 3$ fee + the shipping costs except if you provide us free shipping sticker from seller .
  5. Shipment value is fully insured once it arrive into our warehouse . If any loss or damage occurs during its presence in our warehouse, you will be compensated with the full value of the shipment. We may request evidence for the value of the shipment .
  6. We do not own a weather control feature that adjusts humidity and temperature in our warehouse, and so it is susceptible fluctuations . 4ship may not be held responsible, nor will it compensate for any product that is damaged in our warehouse due to temperature or humidity fluctuations .
  7. The number of free shipment storage days depends on the type of your subscription. After that, a fee of 0.5$/per day/per shipment is charged . After 30 days of the end of the free shipment storage period, the shipment will be considered abandoned (deserted) and will be discarded .


  1. When you request repackaging and rewrapping, we open all purchases and collect them in one box with the smallest size possible to save the shipping value . Taking into account safe packaging using airbags inside the box, so that it would reach you appropriately without being damaged due to shipping .
  2. After your packaging request is completed, we conduct one final measurement of the shipment weight and dimensions, which is then is presented to you on your purchase page .
  3. After the request is finished, the client has 12 days to pay the costs of shipping . If the required amount is not paid within 12 days, extra charges for storage will be incurred ($0.5/per day/per order) , after 35 days are past starting from the date of request accomplishment, the shipment will be considered abandoned (deserted) and will be destroyed .
  4.  You won’t be able to cancel shipping request  after we have finished processing packaging. If your cancel request was made before we complete the packaging, no fees will be charged .
  5. You may add a shipment to your order after making a shipping request and 7$ fee  will be charged . If your request of adding the shipment was made before we finish the packaging request, no fees will be charged .
  6. We may, based on our estimation, reject packaging requests that may not be done due to big size, or any other logical reason. You will be informed of the rejection and will be offered options to resolve the issue .

Restricted & Prohibited Items

  1. It is not allowed to request any item that is banned by the local governments of China or America. In cases of breach, the item may be confiscated. To see what the banned items are click here . Added to that are the banned items in the client’s country .
  2. In case the client requests any banned item, he will be responsible all financial penalties and fines .
  3. If we receive any banned item, we will inform you immediately, and you will have a period of 10 days to return the product to the salesperson . The client will pay the shipping fees from the customs or our warehouse to the source +5$. After the 10 day period is past, the item will be considered deserted (abandoned) and will be discarded .
  4. Any banned items that cannot be shipped due to the restraints of the shipping company or local laws will be discarded immediately .

Import & Export

  1. You must assign 4ship as a deputy for customs clearance, to prepare shipment files, and to have the full power of attorney to undertake all legal procedures, such as preparing the origin certificate, and any document required to send the shipment to the client .
  2. Your shipment is subject to inspection by the local customs authorities in your country, and by the exportation authorities in China and America .
  3. We are not to be held liable, in any cases of delay, damage, or penalties that result from inaccurate customs data . Only you are subject to all legal laws .
  4. We will not be held responsible under any circumstance for paying fees, taxes, or any other costs related to your shipment . Any similar costs we pay for you will be deducted from your balance .
  5. If a shipment is returned to us due to problems relating to customs documentation, import lists, fees or taxes, then you will be responsible for all reshipping costs .


  1. 4ship offers insurance for quick shipping through the shipping company that amounts to 2% percent of the shipment value. The client must set the value of the shipment when the shipping request is made . It is also required that the customs clearance paper is matched with the stated value of the shipment .
  2. 4ship is not to be held responsible for any damaged or missing shipments. However, if the shipment was insured, 4ship will aid the client in making his claims to the shipping company . In case a claim is made, it will be based on either the shipment weight, or the percentage of the stated value, bearing in mind that all this will be made according to the conditions and terms of the shipping company .
  3. In case the shipment is lost or misplaced, we must be contacted and informed after a period that is not less than 30 days, and not over 75 days starting from the day of shipping.
  4. If we are not able to confirm loss or damage with the shipping company, we will ask for evidence such as photos of the damaged items and any other documents that prove the claim . Bearing in mind that aesthetic harm to product package only, without any damage to the item itself is not insured .
  5. In case individual items are lost inside the box that is delivered, a complaint must be made to us within three days starting from the day the item was received .
  6. 4ship will not be held responsible if the shipment does not arrive due to the address being  given in a wrong way, or due to shipping one of the banned items, or due to the actions of any governmental administration including customs .

Assisted Purchase

  1. We purchase the items for you, which are delivered to our warehouse . The fees for this service are 5$ + 3% of the total value of the purchases .
  2. We will purchase only those items that fit exactly the ones you requested, and you will have to provide us with all optional details, including size, color, set measurements … the purchase will not be performed if there is a lack in the details until we are provided with them .
  3. Sometimes the price of the product might change between the time you sent you purchase request and the time we conduct the purchase . If the new price is more than the price mentioned in the request details, we will not conduct the purchase until the client confirms the purchase for the new price . If the new cost is less than the one mentioned in the request details, we will purchase it and the client will be charged the minimum .
  4. Any money retrieval made by the salesperson will be added to your 4ship balance .


  1. We may close any account based on our assessment .
  2. If we close any account due to fraudulent payment activity, all the items present in our warehouse and the remaining balance will be confiscated .
  3. If we close your account for any reason other than fraudulent payment activities, and you still have shipments present in our warehouse, you will be given the option of immediately reshipping them to you, or returning them to the salesperson, provided you have enough balance to cover the costs of the shipping. If you have a remaining balance, it will be returned to you the way 4ship determines .